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#15: Video Challenge!

So for many years I've been releasing music via online platforms and streaming services and have set up opportunities for fans to engage with my music on sites like Patreon, Bandcamp, and other social media platforms. But until now I really haven't put mySELF out there, and when I say myself I mean the other 90% of what makes me who I am. I feel like music only makes up a fraction of my personality and I have historically found social media to be sometimes overwhelming and have not always taken the opportunity to really showcase another side of myself. But with my recent discovery of TikTok and my ability to make low-stress, fun, easy videos, I wanted to take a new approach to creating by engaging directly with listeners. So I want to start a weekly challenge where I answer questions sent to me by listeners - and you can send your questions in the comments section of my videos, or via private message or email - and these questions can be about music, about me, or just general questions about life. The purpose of this project is to get to know one another so, maybe you know my voice from recordings but I'd love for you to know another side of me and I'd love to know more about the people my music has meant something to.

Patrons via my personal Patreon page will have priority in terms of getting their questions bumped to the top of the list so if you have an urgent question, join me on Patreon via To give you some ideas for questions, listen to any one of my songs, listen to the music and lyrics and just ask me what pops into your head, something you might ask in a normal conversation. One question may spiral into a rabbit hole of other questions and answers and I love to talk. So I look forward to getting to know you and helping you to understand not only who I am as a songwriter but as a person too :)

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