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#16: Have you taken singing lessons?

One question from Patreon:

Have you taken singing lessons?

I guess it's not a straightforward answer.

I sang in choruses and choirs via public school as a kid and then when I went on to study at Berklee College of Music, you had audition on one instrument and I chose piano so I didn't go to Berklee to study voice. After I had already graduated they incorporated an accompaniment instrument option where you could audition on an instrument AND your voice if you were planning on using the two together as a performer or singer-songwriter - and then you were able to take courses in both that instrument and your voice. (However, I sadly missed out on that.) I did have one elective which was a short Intro to Vocal Performance course for one term but I don't really have a formal background in vocal performance. In order to produce the best sound possible I have a sort of a natural approach where I let my face and body do whatever necessary (even if I look crazy) to produce the most interesting sound that I can.

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