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#6 Eye of the Beholder

Today I sat with pen and paper in one of my favorite #London #coffeeshops, "Ginger & White", in #BelsizePark. It's been a long time since I sat down with an actual pen and paper.

10 days ago I was extremely #lucky to be visited by my #American family in #England. #Life stopped. For months I'd anticipated their coming, feeling the withdrawal of family #togetherness. For weeks, I felt like a #kid waiting for her own birthday party to start - that anxious #excitement and #frustration of being ready for something that you still have ages to wait for.

For 9 days, we were #together again. We #laughed a lot, took longs walks, #ate too much, saw new places... We were a family again, and it was bliss :) I halted work, "most" #socialmedia, and other distractions - It was #perfect.

Then I stood tearily on the platform at #KingsCross and waved #goodbye to them as their #train carried them away to #Heathrow Airport. As I stood with teary eyes on the escalator, I thought about family, #love, and beauty.

"#Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", as they say. I feel the reason we as #humans are able to recognize the beauty, specialness, or #genius in something (be it a #moment, a piece of #music, an #idea, etc), is because that beauty #exists in us. Two people may hear the same #song: one hears genius, the other hears nothing. The one who is able to identify the genius had the #intelligence to recognize what made the piece #brilliant to begin with (and, therefore, might as well have written it themselves).

As I walked up the escalator, I thought about all of this. I thought about how great my #family makes me feel - because we #resonate with each other, #exist on similar #wavelengths, love the same things, have an internal #energy and view of the world - that is matched. In a sense, we are one and the same - they are part of me, and I of them.

Never could I be truly alone knowing I carry them with me wherever I go - in my thoughts and my heart, my skin and bones - they are part of the very stuff that make up who I am.

There on the escalator, I felt sorrow in knowing I couldn't physically take them with me on my #journey this time. But then, I felt excited that I could take myself :)

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