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#9 Housesitting + Shadow the Dog

Some of you already know how much I love housesitting. I recently had the pleasure of sitting for "Shadow" in #London, the most intelligent #dog I've ever met. Shadow is a #BorderCollie and all L-O-V-E. I fell so in love with him, I felt I had no choice but to feature him in my latest music video, "The Gun and the Gold". 

I started #housesitting in 2016 in order to make #traveling as an #indieartist less stressful and more #affordable. Two years later, I feel it was one of the best things I've ever done and continues to be one of the greatest #adventures of my life. One of my favorite elements of housesitting is that one has no ability to predict what each experience will bring. Countless times, I've found myself feeling awestruck that a place or #animal could unexpectedly make me feel as if I was truly experiencing heaven on earth. I spend a lot of time creating #music and moving around, which can sometimes be lonely, but putting myself in a brand new environment is not only incredibly stimulating and exciting, but I often I find #friends in unexpected places (many of them #animals 😊).

I want to thank all the animals and #homeowners who have given me the opportunities to #live my life to the fullest, who have allowed me into their #homes and into their lives. I would particularly like to thank #Shadow for being my #BFF this summer, and for his amazing role in my latest #musicvideo, "The Gun and the Gold". Check him out!!!

Shadow and I in London. (Top right pictures Shadow and Sheena Holliday filming "The Gun and the Gold" in Walthamstow, London, UK)

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