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#11 Owning Your Birthday

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

31 - what a weird number. Birthdays are funny days because a lot of adults seem to feel that they shouldn't make a big deal out of them. Seems acceptable when you're little bringing cupcakes to school and throwing a piñata party, but, as we age, a lot of people feel celebrating seems needy or attention-seeking. In my opinion, if there's any day to celebrate, it's your birthday; possibly the most important day to pay tribute to the gift of life and to remind yourself why you love being alive. This will be different for everyone and could be a completely non-traditional observance that doesn't involve throwing a party or making a big declaration, like going for a scenic walk, spending solitary time peacefully reflecting or creating, or enjoying time with loved ones. It should be a day of self-love and respect, and an opportunity to do something that doesn't cause stress or anxiety, reinforcing the notion that life is a gift (and shouldn't feel like an obligation). For my 31st birthday this year I decided to go on a scenic drive with a friend, to celebrate nature and freedom and to savor health and happiness. I hope that on your birthday this year, you savor health and happiness, that you remember your needs are important (and that it's ok to sometimes put yourself first), and that you may see it as a great excuse to give thanks and celebrate all that you have :)

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