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#1 Introduction

Updated: May 4, 2018

I write to you from the hilltop of a small remote fishing village along the southern coast of #England where most of the village folk are either fisherman by trade or own the occasional local tourist shop or pub. How I came to find myself in this remote sea town is a long story which you may soon come to understand, but for now, I will simply introduce myself. My name is Samantha Kate Preis (Preis pronounced "Price" as in #ThePriceIsRight and yes, you may call me Sam). As I sit here on the 3rd of May at quarter to 5 in the evening sipping simple black "filter coffee", I stare out at the sea and ponder how to begin this long journey of telling. Earlier today, during my daily 1.5 hour coastal walk, it occurred to me that I have never truly introduced myself. The sea seems to force a lot of thoughts to "occur" simply, so simply that at their very occurrence, I often laugh aloud at the shear simplicity of them, dumbfounded that they never so easily "occurred" to me before. The #wanderingminstrel and #nomad that I am, I have #traveled far and wide #singing my #songs, strumming my way through new towns and breathing in the freshness of new #cultures, people, and places. The #wandering makes me feel alive, the uncertainty challenges my soul. While I often reminisce of the people and places from which I sprouted, I never have felt more at home than when I am on the road.

It is 2018, mind you, and while at times I may sound as if I am taking on the voice of someone from a different reality entirely, I live on the same planet of advanced technologies, iPhones, desk jobs...and, yes, #selfies. Though I often reject these customs, it is because of these technologies that I am able to live this #nomadic and extraordinary life. Here is my story.

Talland, Cornwall, UK

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1 Comment

May 05, 2018

Hi Samantha, well I must say, you never fail to impress and to amaze. It takes great courage to passionately pursue your dreams.

I have enjoyed your art, gifts, & talents these past few years, and I am so proud of you & your courage to take them to the world on your own terms & in your own way.

Each of us are on an amazing journey. Enjoy the ride! — Rob Webb

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